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If you’re looking for boutique, elegant Los Angeles Web Design, look no further. I’m an LA-based designer and all-around web ninja who’s been building websites since the late 90s, when everything was either HTML coded from scratch (which is what I did), or Microsoft FrontPage (ew). 

Fast-forward to 2020, and like any sensible web designer/developer, I now use WordPress, with the exception of ecommerce websites for which I sometimes opt for Shopify. (I did flirt once with MediaWiki, but… buy me a drink and I’ll tell you all about that). Websites built on WordPress offer a robust and elegant turnkey solution fulfilling the online communications needs of anyone from an individual blogger to a multinational corporation. But before we go any further, maybe you should become acquainted with how I view design, and why it’s important to anyone wanting a website to market themselves:

DESIGN is pattern with a purpose, and purpose is what unites the most elegant beauty with the most persuasive call to action. Design is a graphical scheme for narrating meaning: what story do you want to tell about yourself, your business, your organization? Because make no mistake: marketing is all about telling a story, and a good design will be the cover of your story. (Yes, people do judge books by their covers!) 

To that end, I employ a detailed and time-tested understanding of color, proportion, and form, and a client-focused collaborative process honed over decades of experience, in order to breathe life into your vision: a uniquely-positioned and central you in the web media best suited to your purpose.

los angeles web design - culver city

See? That’s me above, right there on the edge of Culver City and Los Angeles mailing addresses. I’ve lived in the LA area since 2008. You wanted Los Angeles web design, that’s what you get. With, perhaps some West Side flavor.