Custom Web Hosting

I offer fully managed, custom web hosting solutions for just about any budget and any type of website, from blogs to ecommerce, all tailored specifically for WordPress websites.

WordPress comes with a set of considerations that other website platforms do not, and these considerations are baked into the hosting I offer my clients.

And while I’m happy to host a website for anyone anywhere, I concentrate my efforts mainly toward my fellow Angelenos, which means I’m available for face-to-face meetings about your hosting needs, unlike just about any other web hosting provider. 

Custom Web Hosting Services


Your websites are automatically backed on a regular schedule. Consider it a type of web insurance.

Uptime Monitor

I get notified when your websites go down, so I can get them back online before anyone else notices.

Automatic WordPress Updates

WordPress, like any other piece of software, needs to be updated regularly, most importantly for security patches.

Automatic Security Checks

The automated security checks ensure that your sites stay clean and free of malware.

Automatic Performance Checks

Automated performance checks keep tabs on such metrics as how fast your website loads, which can influence its search engine rankings.

Client Reports

I’ll send you a monthly Client Report so you stay informed as to the state of your websites.

Google Analytics

I help you stay on top of web site traffic trends.

Maintenance Mode

Maintenance Mode gives you the option of letting your visitors know that you are working on your websites, updating or fixing problems.

SEO Ranking

Keep track of how your keyword rankings change, find out who your competitors are, and how you stack up against them.

2-factor Authentication

2-factor authentication prevents any would-be hackers from gaining access to your sites through means of brute force attacks.

Vulnerability Updates

I stay informed about what plugins and scripts may be vulnerable so that I can take action whenever necessary to secure your websites.

Link Monitor

Link Monitor is a powerful broken link checker that provides you with regular scans of an entire WordPress site for broken links.