kinoian Web Solutions

About Me

My name is Michael Theophan Kinoian Lujan, and I’m the owner of Kinoian Web Solutions. (I chose Kinoian as my branding as a way to honor my mother’s Armenian heritage. I am also Spanish on my father’s side.) My professional background is in both web services and graphic design, with some years spent working at a web hosting company, which is why I’m able to provide an all-in-one solution for my clients: from designing their website, to hosting it and maintaining it, to marketing it. I’ve been at this since the mid-90s, when the web itself was born.

For my web designs, I employ a detailed and time-tested understanding of color, proportion, and form, and a client-focused collaborative process honed over a decade and a half of experience, in order to breathe life into your vision: a uniquely-positioned and central you on the web. 

Because I’m a one-man show, you know who you’re dealing with, rather than some faceless “team” with all-too-often questionable accountability. And because I can offer everything your business needs for its online presence, I’m able to offer the same services that would normally require several vendors, at a fraction of the aggregate cost. 

As a client of mine, you’ll have my personal email address and my phone number, so I’m able to do both updates and emergency troubleshooting most often with very little notice on an as-needed basis. We can meet and have coffee or drinks and brainstorm solutions for your business face-to-face. While I maintain professionalism and decorum at all times, I nevertheless want to get to know you and why you’re doing what you’re doing for a living, because ultimately I want to get invested in your business and share in your success. Paychecks are nice of course, but what really keeps me motivated is watching my clients’s visions take off and seeing their dreams come true. 

Some more about background: I’m a tonsured reader at a local Eastern Orthodox Church. As mentioned above I’m half-Armenian on my mom’s side, and I made what could best be described as a pilgrimage to the motherland in 2018, both to Armenia proper and to Artsakh, an experience which changed my life. I’m invested in Armenian causes, both locally and abroad. I stay active by swimming and playing tennis whenever I can. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Star Wars nerd, beginning with having seen the original film in theaters in 1977, even writing some fanfic in my spare time, and I’m a science-fiction nerd in general. In my spare time I design women’s apparel and accessories, make music, write creative non-fiction (see here and here), take photographs, and create digital artwork. I’m an INFP and a Multipotentialite who doesn’t feel comfortable unless juggling multiple projects simultaneously. 

You can find me on LinkedIn here, on Facebook here, and on Instagram here.